Image of Cowcaddens
  • Image of Cowcaddens
  • Image of Cowcaddens


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I can't imagine how this part of the city would have looked before the M8 decimated it, this image was shot as part of a self initiated project called Nexus.

Nexus is the working title of this ongoing project, which takes a look at the ‘connective tissue’ of urban areas, the in-between parts that exist purely because they have to, the spaces people use to get from one area to another, spaces where function usually outweighs form, spaces that people never stop to look at, but strive to get through, onto their destination. I’m looking for a hidden beauty in these places, that are often pretty brutal, I’m attracted to the lines and shapes that these spaces offer for composition.

You can have this in colour or in monochrome as depicted in the image. Please be aware that you're not getting one copy of each, I am only showing the option in the display image. All print sizes are in inches, and come with a half inch white border for mounting/framing purposes.